The All-in-one Platform

Advanced Monitoring Simplified

AlertBot provides a fully integrated monitoring platform that can monitor all of your websites, web applications, mobile sites and services all in one place. Nothing to install, nothing to maintain.

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Monitor Full Page Functionality

Don't just monitor a URL's basic availability, monitor its full page functionality within real web browsers. Verify every page element, every script, every interactive feature. Scan for errors. Track load times. Pinpoint problems. Be alerted of failures. Now, that's what you call monitoring — the AlertBot way!

Multi-Step Website Monitoring Made Easy!

Monitor multi-step web processes with real browsers, real mouse clicks, and real keyboard interactions. Just click record to capture any web process, then schedule it for ongoing monitoring. It's that easy.

Monitor Your Mobile World

Monitor your websites & applications across all popular devices and platforms.

  • Apple iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Get The Basics Covered

For URLs where all you need is basic HTTP protocol monitoring, AlertBot's platform has you covered too.

  • Monitor APIs &
    Web Services
  • Monitor
    Basic URLs
  • Monitor Advanced
    URLs with HTTP Protocol
  • Monitor
    Download Files

Not Just Websites – Servers Too

Monitor any port on any server or device to make sure it's always up and running.

  • ICMP Ping
  • TCP Ping
  • SMTP Port
  • POP3 Port
  • IMAP Port
  • DNS Port
  • FTP Port
  • Telnet Port
  • Custom Port

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